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Meat bin lids

Clear acrylic bin lids. These lids will help you keep your products fresh and moist with no need to wrap them with plastic film. You can now keep your products in the refrigerator 24/7. Also, you will minimize product loss by avoiding melting ice draining onto your product. Simply put the lid on and start saving money.

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Meat bin lids

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Item No.
Case Pack
Case Weight
27” x 7 x 1”
6 lbs
27” x 9” x 8” x 1”
6 lbs
BCTHZ-L2711LID 27” x 11” x 1”6 lbs 
BCTH-2958LID29” x 6” x 1”6 lbs 
BCTH-2968LID29” x 6” x 1”66 lbs
BCTH-2988LID29” x 8” x 1”66 lbs
BCTH-29118LID29” x 11” x 1”66 lbs 
 BCTH-2367LID23” x 6” x 1”6 lbs